Watch the incredible story of Copa Di Vino and The Sunshine Mill!


Tyler Mathisen wants to know the secret behind the success of Copa Di Vino and asks James what it’s like inside the Shark Tank.

“The Cinderella Story. A small family winery dreams big. Throws a Hail Mary. Invents Copa Di Vino – Wine in the glass. No corkscrews or glasses needed! Wine anywhere. Just open and enjoy! Perfect for tailgating & stadiums! Fights goliaths. Goes national. Wine snobs go on defense. But great wine and national awards march us down field! We explode into 44 states in two years changing everything for our struggling small town & team! We are close to the end zone. You decide our fate. Should we be the first winery to the Super Bowl?! Why should beer have all the funny commercials? Your great ideas?”

The Story of Copa Di Vino and the Sunshine Mill

We were gifted with a challenge and inspired by a place. We saw a chance to try to save an important part of our small town’s history, The 100 year old Sunshine Mill. By saving this place we could invigorate our struggling community. But to accomplish this task we had to create a substantial business that could support it. We decided to re-occupy and renovate the Old Mill as a winery. In succeeding with this feat we invented a whole new category in wine packaging that is revolutionizing wine. An innovation that will be around for centuries to come! By trying to save history we made history.

Our advice to other Small Business Entrepreneurs

Embrace and own that being a small business is your greatest asset. Then leverage it to the max! Be David and beat Goliath! THINK BIG AND ACT SMALL! Use the gift of agility. For you, change is just a moment away. You will out innovate, & completely differentiate & eventually obliterate the competition.☺ Be brave & calculative. TAKE RISKS, IT IS RISKY NOT TO! Goliaths can never be you, Real, Authentic, Local, Personal, a Maverick. Love small business culture. TREAT ALL PEOPLE LIKE FAMILY! Employees, suppliers, customers. They are your true equity. Above all, DO ONLY GOOD. BE AN HONEST BRAND!

“Full Steam ahead, God Speed and the best of luck!”
– The James Martin family and the team at Copa Di Vino