The Martin Family has been in the small and quaint town of The Dalles, Oregon for over seven generations. The Martin Family was part of town’s origins as it went from a busy and prosperous town, to a place that struggled to keep alive. The Martin Family could not stand by and watch their hometown, their neighbors, and the place they cherished most fall apart, they knew they had to take action fast. 

James Martin saw the opportunity to occupy a vacant flour mill in the town, and was inspired to transform the old Sunshine Mill into his winery. The entire Martin Family and the community went to work developing something that would be sustainable to the community for years to come. Copa di Vino and the Martin Family sparked life back into the small town of The Dalles.  

As the vineyard grew, so did the Martin Family. Every member of the family learning each aspect of creating a premium wine then served in the perfect single serve glass. For the Martin Family, the Sunshine Mill Winery is not a place of work or just a beautiful vineyard, it is home.  


Copa di Vino is the world’s leading producer of single-serve premium wine. Founder James Martin imagined the concept while riding the bullet trains in the south of France, visiting iconic vineyards in this beautiful and historic wine producing region.  Returning to his family winery in Oregon, he maniacally focused on developing a technology that would allow his premium wines to be enjoyed anywhere without the need for bottles, corkscrews, or glass. After years of effort developing the perfect balance of a premium wine drinking experience and untethered portability, he famously launched the invention with multiple appearances on the hit television series Shark Tank, immortalizing the brand forever in American entrepreneurial lore! This passion continues today, so raise your glass while toasting the idea of life enjoyed everywhere. Here’s to the go-anywhere, do-anything Copa lifestyle. 


….the one that got away


The unbridled, portable elegance of Copa’s seven varietals unleashes the spirit and satisfies the soul.